Will I be able to travel with misspelled name on ticket?

My girlfriend misspelled my name when booking the tickets she added an extra letter to my last name "mcdicff" instead of "mcdiff", will the boarding mind, I'm travelling with klm.


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  • Call the airline contact centre and tell them about it. See if you could edit it.

    This has happened to me before for countless times, cause I always forget to include my middle name and my Chinese name. 😓 I always have to call the contact centre and email them my passport to verify it and all's done.

    Hope it'd be alright for you too.


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  • Call the airline and tell them about you misspelled name and see if you can get a new one

    If not they probably won't notice
    That's happened to me before and they still let me on the plane

    You should break up with her
    She can't even spell you name bro... Jk!


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  • You should still be able to. I know someone that happened to as well but he got in anyway. Check with your airline first.


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