Is tinder dead?

i heard it´s like an "ok" platform to meet new people. but there are only fake profiles that try to get you to register on other shitty sites... are there even any "real" people left on there?


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  • Not really, I'm still getting action there ;)

    • i guess it´s for younger people then xD

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    • lol ok XD i have not met a single real person on there. and i´ve been flipping left and right for a year.

    • Might be area

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  • I have no idea since I don't use that particular application.

    • as a girl, i probably wouldn´t either xD 100 unsolicited dick pics a day...

    • That sounds like torture o_o!

    • yeah. heard it from girls i chattet with on another dating app. like some guys even ask you to have sex with them for money... as if it´s some kind of online brothel.

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