I'm feeling very down and feel like i'm worthless, can anyone help?

I feel like i have no worth. I have such low confidence because of my dad. He tells me i can't do anything and won't be successfull and tells me not to dream to big. This kills me cause i do belive i can get some aciveble things. For 7 years i'am not at all living the life i want too and have no motivation at all. don't know what to do, i can't really take it anymore.


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  • Me too either just got off the phone with my dad and told me I am his greatest disappointment!

    • awww! u can talk to me too if u want, i know how that feels

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    • i 100% feel the same way. yes i felt like i did give up, iit's like life is passing me by and again i feel like a tree.

    • Yup! My life is passing me by but I am okay with it. If I could i would close myself in my room and never come out. I would come out sometime to run I like excerising and then maybe buy food. Make learn how to cook and live alone. I would spend my time online and numb myself more than I already am. And to sleep I would just have sleeping pills and mood pills. And not have to worry about society, family and finding a job.

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  • They used to tell us to listen to our parents, why? Cuz Ur parents is usually the ones who motivate u to dream big, & have an awesome life!
    but in u case, ur father doesn't seem like that kind of person who'll make sure u'll make progress in ur life!
    As a result, u shouldn't listen to him at all! each one have his own life, if his life's sucks, it dznt allow him to reflect that on u!
    So everytime he tells u the same things, judt act like u r not listening, U r (18-24) years old for god sake! u must have ur own personality!
    Do ur best to ignore what he says!
    However, that doesn't mean that u can disrespect him, cuz in the end He Is ur FATHER!
    Gud luck bro!!


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  • Time to take your Father out of your life, I know it's going to be hard but stop talking to him. And I can guarantee you, not only will your heart and mind feel calmer but the motivation will start coming.

    • thanks, it's tough cause i wanted to make him happy out of all of the people but he keeps saying i'am not good enough.

    • You can never make people like that happy, don't waste good use of your time. If he loves you, he will come around and apologize. I believe you can do it, if your Father doesn't.

  • awww! don't lose hope! no one is worthless! if you want to talk u can message me, and if you can't massage me, follow me and i'll message you!

    • try something like tea, or apple cider or hot chocolate

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    • i think i need helping first :/ trying to not to give up is hard in all honesty

    • ok, u can talk to me if you need to, I'll listen

  • A job or a career


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