If a guy smiled like 24/7 what would you think he's smiling about?

So I don't know what this is i smile a lot... its kinds hard for me not to smile I don't know why

when someone talks to me i smile immidiately and people think its friendly at first
and some people think its cute but i remember i couple of years ago in class i was sitting next to this girl i really liked.. of course i was smiling and she started to talk to me so of course the smile got bigger

i think its sort of a blush thing im not sure.. the girl asked why i was always smiling and i told her
there's a lot i could smile about in my head the reason i was smiling was because she was talking to me and she asked me if i was gay i guess i looked gay wen i smile and i said no and she didn't believe me because i was smiling i guess and i heard her say to herself "oh my god, he's gay"

i ignored it but it got me thinking if a guy smiled like all the time would you think he was gay or what would you think of him

i dont know why i smile a lot
what is there not to smile about,
i may not have the best life but at least i still have my life

even my sister notices me smiling a lot i dont smile much around her unless she purposely makes me smile

she was tickling me and i tried not to laugh and i smiled and she said
'there it is again, that smile, can't help but to do it can you?"

and i nobody really payed attention to it until i hit middle school

what would you think if you noticed a guy smiling everytime you see him?


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  • I would think that he is a guy who likes to smile, and I inspire to do the same. I rarely smile too much, and you just gave me the motivation to.


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  • i get asked why i smile a lot too but never been asked was i gay without been messing with me


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