Do you tip when you pick up a carry out order?

Are you supposed to tip when you pick out a carry order? Do you? Why or why not?

Is it just me or is that silly? I don't feel like I should have to look at a menu online, see the original price, and add an extra dollar or two if the person on the phone is friendly. They are supposed to be friendly and helpful. Customer service is apart of any and every successful business; you're supposed to be pleasant, kind, helpful, and informative so why get extra money to do what you should be doing anyway?

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  • I don't, and if I have it delivered and the delivery guy actually asks for a tip he won't get one


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  • no sorry... its hard!


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  • Yes it takes them time to package it. I don't tip 15% but I give around 10% depending.

    • That's generous of you! I just don't get it. That's a basic job description. I don't tip the lady at the check out counter in the mall for taking the time to package my clothes. I don't tip the pharmacist when I go pick up my prescription. I don't tip the person at front desk optometrist for packaging my contacts. Why do people expect extra money for doing a simple, necessary part of their job?

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    • I dot. Typically tip as much of it is my first time getting take away from a restaurant because I don't know how well they followed my instructions and include all the needed extras like sauce, chopsticks or whatever. But I eat enough take out to recognize when someone has attention to detail and is good at their job just like you do with waiters. So if they do a good job preparing my food and I'm a regular I do indeed tip them well for it because I appreciate that and it SHOULD be rewarded. I have assistants that I allocate a share of my quarterly bonus to, I don't give them I set amount it is somewhat based on merit. But I love sharing my nonUS with them because that is what makes us feel like a team. Sure they get a salary but that is what motivates anyone to go the extra mile and makes your job more satisfying. Don't be stingy and feel good about rewarding the people preparing your food for doing it well. We are what we eat! ☺️

    • There's a difference between sharing your bonus with an assistant who is going out of their way constantly to help you vs handing out extra money because someone was simply nice, helpful, and put your food in a bag. -_-

      It's not about me being stingy. Instead of subliminally trying to attack me by claiming I either can't afford to eat out or must be stingy, you should have focused on the concept of what I was referring to. You're sitting there at nearly 40 years of age being petty and attacking me because I am honestly trying to understand the concept of rewarding people for doing basic tasks that come with their job description.

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