How do I be confident and get girls when I'm ugly?

I'm in 9th grade, at a Junior High school. I am of Indian descent, and am extremely dark even for my race. I got teased a lot for it by friends, but that was just for fun. But now, I just moved to another state, and barely know anyone. I made a couple "friends" here, but they're all guys. I'm very bad at making new friends because I can't bring myself to introduce myself to new peolple, because I'm afraid I can't get them interested in me and actually want to get to know me. I'm not a weird guy, like back at my old school I was considered very popular, within the guys. But, other guys who weren't as popular in the guy circle talked to a LOT more girls than I did (I only talked to about 3 at a given time.) I've had a couple girlfriends, but that was after I knew them for at least months, and they liked my personality, and only one of those relationships would be something I consider mildly legitimate, the others weren't really because they liked me a lot. You know how middle schoolers are in relationships haha.
What I need help with is how to meet new people and get to know them easily, and get them interested in me and wanting to be friends. This especially applies to girls, how would I make them interested in me. I know that "girls don't really care about looks as much as personality" but that's only true after high school. My problem is girls in high school and junior high school care a lot about looks, so how would I make up for my ugliness.
Help please.


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