Is that the reason that my 'parents' are like this?

My parents openly favour my elder sister. They've seen me hurt over it enough times, but they both claim they don't, and continue to do it.

They practically pick on me in comparison.

I used to feel it's because she went to a better University.

And that is definitely a part of it. But I think another part is that they already have an elder daughter so I'm like secondary. Sort of like the value is less because there's aready one they have/can hold on to.

I notice whenever she's not in the picture I'm suddenly more 'valuable' to them.


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  • Can't really give you an answer but I share your pain. I'm the middle child and worst my sister is like the normal child the wanted and my brother is the sportsy type they wantes. While I'm just the weird nerdy one with piercings and stuff. Sorry I can't give you an answer but I can give you my empathy


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