My neighbor has an abusive boyfriend, should I do anything about it or say something?

My neighbor is a really nice girl and good looking too. We always talk but ever since she got her boyfriend 3 months ago, i barely see her. Or at least when he is around. Like sometimes i hear them yelling and last night the guy kicked her out of her own house. She rang on my doorbell like 10 pm, and i let her in. She was really worried and so my mom went over to her house and told the guy if he doesn't leave she will call police, then he left. We invited her over in the monring and she opened up to me and my mom and this guy is super contorlling, she even said sorry to me cause her boyfriend won't let her talk to me anymore.

Should i do something about it?


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  • You could but be prepared for retaliation. This guy is a weakling. He's threatened by her male friends and enjoys being abusive to his girlfriend. A weak man will use any resource (i. e. gun or knife) to get over a stronger man. Definitely be there for her, convince her to break up with him and have her write up a police report the next time this happens.


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  • Tell her to brk up te relationship. I don't know why these stupei and naive gurls stayed in such relationship. Nice guys finish last lel. Like i always said, this kinda relationship is what make it fun for the cuties so she doesn't wanna leave yet 👌🏼

    • she does want to leave but is scared. i was thinking of calling police for her

    • What is there to be scared of when she could easily get help? Fawk sake is wrong with these gurls >.>
      She still rove him. Gurls rove jerks and douchebagz afterall dont they? xP
      Let her stay longer til she gets enough lel