Why do guys keep stuff of their exes?

I was cleaning and a box fell on me, I took a peek, it was full of his exes i think or it was only one ex, pictures of him that were taking by someone else i'm sure an ex took these pictures, other pictures with one same girl, all lovey dovey happyeverafter, and then love letters, padlock,... why the hell does he keep things like that? what does that mean? he's 22 years old not a teenager!!!


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  • I like that book she gave me as a Christmas gift. I wouldn't give it away.


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  • all i have is a necklace i was given. i have no idea what to do with it because it's worth a lot and id feel bad throwing that away =/

    • and I'm a girl so... it's not just guys :P #generalisation343

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    • understood. maybe u could try give it back but i mean the message that sends isn't very nice.

    • sorry i mean maybe he*
      maybe u should ask him though.

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  • For me the reason is quite simple but important: my exes are not just some weird, random girls floating around in my past, they're important parts of my life. Although I don't talk to them anymore (or at least not much), they all have special place in my past. I share a lot of memories with them and - most importantly - they all had an impact on my personality, my views on life and my life itself. In other words: just like my parents and my siblings and my friends and my teachers shaped me into who I am today, so did my ex-girlfriends. For this I am thankful to all of them and it would be silly to deny that. Although not all of those relationships ended nicely, I can now look back on these times with the wisdom and calmness I gained through the years that separate me from those days and appreciate each one of my past relationships and think nicely of the girls that walked a part of the path of my life with me.
    It's very important for me to keep these memories alive because they were an important part of my life. I've already forgotten soooo many things about my childhood and teenage years... you wouldn't believe it. These are things I certainly don't want to forget. Plus, it's also nice to look at those photos once in a while and get a little nostalgic. That doesn't mean that my current girlfriend needs to feel threatened (she also keeps some stuff of her ex-boyfriends and I'm fine with that). If you truly love somebody then you should understand that your partner's exes are one reason he is now the person that you actually fell in love with.

  • For many men, including me, (and women!) things like this are important to us.

    The stuff from his past is not a threat to your present, but if you bring it up, you will get a argument and you will either 1) lose the battle and, likely, your relationship or 2) you will win the battle but lose the war because you will be resented if you've made him do anything about the stuff from his past and, in the long run, he will leave you with 100% certainty.

    My advice is: Leave it alone. Don't touch it. Don't comment on it. But, most of all, don't worry about it; it's not a threat to your relationship unless you make it so.

    I cannot stress this enough. If you make an issue out of the things from your BF's past, you will lose him unless you learn to accept it.


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  • Some people keep that stuff because they're memories of the past. Others toss them out after a break up. Were they together long an was the nature of the break up bad?

    • I'm not sure, he never mention this ex to me, he talked about all the others but not this one, i'm not sure if these stuff are all hers or they belongs to different girls but there is that girl called Lysiana he never spoke about her or mention her, but they seemed so lovey dovey and so nice and sweet to her which he's not with me

    • I would ask him about it then, just don't seem accusatory or anything when you did. If the two of you are dating it's nice to learn about one another's pasts, even if it's exes.