Would you react in this case?

Today I was out with my uncle and everything was cool. I was sitting there in disco club outside and one girl had birthday I wish her happy birthday. After that I just touched her on arms, but wasn't like picking up her guy saw that and he hold me from back and wanted to fight with me.

What do you think about that?

I think that's fucking stupid and childish.


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  • Why'd you touch her?

    • because I wanted to say something and she was like in front. Most of guys said Sounds like he might have a small penis. Poor guy haha

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  • If you having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

    • no no I just wished her happy birthday to girl I've met. It was super weird cuz guy wanted to fight with me just because I hold her.

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    • doesn't matter.

    • Yes it does matter, what country do you live?

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  • i don't know what to think

  • that is childosh but thats his problem not yours good luck, I try not to judge people i dont know. He does sound like a problem and a half. nice of oyu to wish her happy b day though.

    • yes I'm 19 and he's like 18. But it's really childish to do that. Or maybe he's scared to lose her haha and he's thinks he's not actually good enough.

    • yes he probably felt insecure or overly protective it could be about how she feels about guys she could have been a victim of something, or maybe he's just over agressive. it could have been a pile of things nobody knows.. people mature at different rates

    • He grabbed me from behind. I somehow get off that hold and then friends and my friend jumped in middle. After that they separated us and said if you touch one more time my girl to hair you'll lose all teeth. I just smiled and said ok and went away.

      + I didn't douched her hairs only right arm. That was all.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't have touched the arm.

    Just the wish was enough.

    And the guy could have been more chill.

    • Does it matter if I touched her? I didn't kissed her she was okay with it and she even said to him that it's nothing. But he still wanted to fight.

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    • I don't know. I usually don't let anyone touch me without my permission, lol.

      But the guy could have been calmer like I said.


    • then she would say to me. She didn't. Anyway I would bet his ass off. But I didn't want to fight. I just moved.

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