How to fix laptop fan?

I took it to Best Buy and the Geek Squad looked at it and said the fan was going out. But I can't buy a fan right now. Are there any different and easy ways to fix it from being so loud?


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  • Forget the GEEK SQUAD!!! THEY WAAAAAAYYYYY OVERCHARGE for something that a geek friend can do, for you for just a close hug, or playful kiss!!
    You must know some computer geek, or a friend that knows one!! A fan change is SUPER simple, and you should pay for the fan, and he will fix it.
    At least give him a close hug, and maybe a little kiss!! Geeks just LIVE for that!!
    Little fans are like $10-15 on the internet, and the computer geek friend might even have one, in his 'stash' that he could just give to you, as a 'girl' because computer geeks don't know many girls, and just helping one, it's like extra bonus points, in Geek World!!

    • My parents have the computers covered by geek quad for all of our computers, they didn't charge anything when we took my laptop. and I know of someone I went to school with. But he's kinda in college. I know the problem, I just want to know how I can at least fix it temporarily

    • If you have a regular, small house fan, turn it on, and point it at your laptop. It will get you through an hour or so! Laptops overheat so quickly, they NEED the fans, or some air-moving device, blowing on them!!

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