What should I do I can't sleep?

ITS ALMOST 1:00am here and my body won't let me sleep and I've tried for three hours now to fall asleep but I just can't


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  • Just close your eyes and... i almost fell asleep lol

    • Sweetheart that shit doesn't work

    • Just think of something really boring I guess. I fall asleep after a couple minutes. I'm a deep sleeper also though.

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  • I'll sing for you. 🎶Go to sleep, go to sleep dear anon. Time for bed, time for bed (I don't know what comes next?) 🎶.

    The end.

    • That was a great song😊

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  • try reading, a lot of the times simply staying on electronics keeps you awake. You can also try drinking some warm milk. Count sheep. Daydream. Try sleeping somewhere else that isn't your usual spot.

    • I tried my bed a chair and my floor

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    • I'm trying a gaming chair

    • Do you have a sleeping mask? I use those and they are really helpful because they force you to close your eyes and just be in the dark.

  • I haven't tired to sleep cus I DON'T want to! but if you want to sleep... play a soft song and think of something you want. soon... you be gone!

    • I want to go to Tennessee and kick a guy in his balls then go to new York and beat up a guy things I want is violent

    • oh your pissed! hmm... all I can say is dance! hahah

    • Lol thanks

  • Usually I'll just stretch a little or watch a short show

    • I've tried watching TV it didn't work

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