I'm sleeping at another person's house and it was Halloween so its been pretty restless. I woke up at 9 a. m after faling asleep at 1 a. m the other night, which isn't too bad. But I love MY OWN pillow, it almost always stays cool and its the perfect mix between soft but not too soft that your head legit falls through the pillow (hate that.) and my bed, oh my God. Plus I sleep at a temp of 65 degrees at night, THIS PERSON'S ROOM IS LIKE 75 DEGREES. 75 !! (grr.) and their pillow, ew, my head falls through it, and its like its heated, it gets warm after one second. If I was back at my own house i'd fall asleep in an instance. I'm too scared to explore the house for extra pillows because i'm not familar with it and it would be kind of rude. What do I do :(((


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  • Drink some alcohol. Lol works for me every time and I usually not even care if someone is snoring

    • Or pm me I write u a lullaby ^^

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    • Actually i'm 15.

    • seems like you don't like to break rules. Did u had a nice Halloween celebration?

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