Anyone else feel really lonely?

I don't have a best friend. I don't have a boyfriend. I have are a few close friends but no one to call my best friend.

The guy I may love doesn't know how I feel and so were just friends.

All I crave is for him to hold me But my crippling fear of rejection is holdin me back.

Anyone else feel this crushing loneliness and sadness?


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  • Yes, me. I have some really good friends but we all live separated in different countries. And Im single for year now.

    • Wow that must be so hard. How do you cope?

    • Thanks to the internet I can have often contact with them. I meet up with my friends once or twice a year. My best friends is now a sailor in the trade fleet and he is away from, on a ship with no telephone or internet, so I see him maybe once a year. We will meet again this Christmas. I try to occupy myself with my hobbies and work and time is running fast. That way I won't end up crazy.

    • Also, I constantly am searching for new friends, online (sometimes I meet people in real life as well). Feel free to message me whenever you want.

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  • Honestly I feel like this a lot of the time, you are lucky to have at least a few close friends! I have no friend's, boyfriend etc and I'm 25!

    Maybe I am not the best person to give advice but I wanted you to know you are not the only one out there feeling lonely/sad :)

    • wow. There sure are many people like this.

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    • Although it's embarrassing, I will be honest and tell you. At first it was hard, I even got into a toxic relationship and stuck around with someone who treated me like a doormat only because I was afraid to be alone.

      One day I realised it was extremely unhealthy and left him.

      What has changed and made me happy is having a strong bond with my family who are my best friends and spending time with them, therefore I don't feel so lonely.

      Also spending time doing things I like, shopping, driving, exploring places I haven't been to, good music and having a fun job! :)

    • P. s. I am the only single one in my immediate family out of the adults so I know how you feel!

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  • It will be a pleasure if we can chat.

    Feeling lonely is kinda of disease. In other words, your unhappy.

    • I would really like that !

  • Yes me too. Message me if you want someone to talk to. GAG has been good there's some good people on here. Even though were in different countries I'm emailing them just from being on here. They've helped me a lot, and I will listen to you if you wanna vent. Offer is there.

  • No thankfully i do have a best friend


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  • Umm not really but I do suggest that you just hurry up and confess. just do it. Have courage !!! ;) he'll admire your courage especially if you tell him what it is you like about the guy. And friends? I think you've gotta find your 'other you' in different places

    • This guy is in my group of friends. So if I get rejected my entire group would know 😳😭
      We flirt too and have compatible senses of humour. But nothing's happening 😒😒😒

    • You've gotta become his other best friend then

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