I dont want to admit to my sisters that im a failure, but im not sure if I can hold it in any more?

i kinda have these feelings bottled up for a while, but i feel like im at a point where it will only hurt me if i dont tell people about them. So i dont really have any friends.. We were a group of friends in high school, but i was only close to of them, but we "broke up".. the rest of the people i was friends because she was friends with them in addition to people going there separate ways...

Afteri started uni i have had huge problems making close friends.. i got friends at work and in my class. but no one to hang out with in my free time.. Im so embarssaed by that.. it had been like this for a year.. so my sisters are the only one i can tell about how i feel.. but since im so embarssaed by it (they seem to get friends super easly) i only tell them 90% of the story... so i dont tell them how i REALLY feel

My younger sister would say that im the "pretty sister" and shewould admit that she was jealous of me. and in out home town i was the one with a big group of friends and i was the one t get attention from guys etc. But she is the one with a character, she is the funny and likable one.. and im reallu jealous of her.. im happy for her ofc.. and people see that and thats why she has so many friends.. and im here with no friends bascially.. and i dont really get that much attention either.. I just wish i was her... i mean looks gets people attention, but if they dont like your personality they're gone before you know it..

I just what to cry... i really dont want to admti to my failure as a person.. but i dont know if its wise to hold it in for so long... so any advice?


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  • Hey it's ok trust me it's ok 😊

    • but the things is that its not.. im 20 years old.. going on 21 in 4 months.. and i dont have any close friends.. thats very embarassing.. i feel shame... its not easy

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    • ofc.. but most people that aren't extremly shy, have friends.. even if its only one friend... i know im not alone. . but still makes me want to hide in my room all day

    • Wellll talk to me if you want 💁🏻 I don't mind

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  • Nah it's ok
    And don't worry you have a friend like me 😊

    • how can you say "nah it's ok"? And its a lot to worry about.. everyone knows it gets mroe difficult to make friend the older you are.. and thanks for the offer, but you obivously can't relate (not saying it your fault) to my situation.. plus i want friends irl, not online

    • Oh I'm sorry
      And I'm in worst situation than you
      But instead of being upset I smile 😊
      We can meet online friends too 😶

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