My stare is scary. What should I do?

There is something about my brow that makes my gaze look creepy or mean when I look at someone head on. It's not something I can control, and it seems to be genetic, because my uncle has the same look (and it scared me a little at first, in fact).

I'm quite certain of how bad it is, and it's pretty bad, so comments like "It's probably not that bad" don't really apply.

It makes things really uncomfortable. It's not bad when I'm animated and talking to someone, but if someone catches my attention in a public space for example, I have to avoid looking at them. It's not even necessarily that I want to catch their attention and can't, but I just don't want to creep them out :(

Also, when I take a selfie, I never take it looking at the camera.

It's something people get used to when they're in my company for a while, and they stop noticing it. Or sometimes girls are a little scared of me, but if we speak, they quickly realize I'm completely ordinary.

Any suggestions for dealing with this problem?


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  • Don't worry, I have the same expression. People will be afraid of messing with you.

    • Haha thank you :)

      I really don't see it in you though, going by your profile pic.

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    • Thank you :)

      Sadly, my expression is much, much worse.

    • Well then, it's their loss if they judge a book by its cover.

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  • Seems like you're doing all you can. You can't change the way your face looks, aside from shaving differently.


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