What are doing this weekend?

I finished some work, since i'm planning my new job. And I just did errands, not much this weekend, since i had some knuckling down to do. what about you?


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  • Friday night went to a scream park to go through a couple haunted houses. Got scared to death, but it was fun.

    Saturday, helped my brother with his Halloween costume, carved pumpkins with my little cousins and took them trick-or-treating for a couple hours, and then later at night went to a concert and two Halloween parties with my friends. It was a long night, and even longer since the clock reset an hour back at 2.

    Sunday, slept in, finished making a presentation for work tomorrow, made some lunch, and now I'm lazing about until I have to meet someone for coffee at 3.


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  • the weekend just finished mate

    • no, it's still Sunday. but cool, i need your permission to talk... come and beat me faggot, you may learn something in consequence haha.

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    • yes, since strangers aren't owed the time of others... haha.. even at your "age" you should know that.

      though i'm just calling you out on your behaviour... don't like it, tough. i just know your number/agenda here, so i won't waste any more time over it. have fun on your buddies' cocks and occassionally pussies, since i presume they have your explicit posting privileges that i laugh at... hhahahahaa!

    • you called me a faggot because i basically answered your fucking question, the weekend finished therefore i am not doing anything on the current weekend.

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  • The weekend just ended for me and I didn't do much. Saturday I went to such school for some extra math lesson, then went to my horse, took a nap and went to the Ikea with family. At Sunday I went to the gym, did some learning for my math exam tomorrow and went to the birthday of my boyfriend's sister. Now I'm laying in bed and ready to go to sleep.


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