If given the opportunity, would you have wanted your first SO be the one for you OR experience heartbreak and then eventually find the one for you?

Basically would you have rather wanted your first boyfriend/ girlfriend to be 'the one' or would you rather experience heartbreak until you've found 'the one' for you?

The reason why I ask this is because I thought I found the girl who was perfect for me. I thought she was the one.. She was also my first girlfriend (I was 18). We dated for 1.5 years until she broke up with me. (I was just about as perfect a boyfriend could get and I was called 'husband material', but whatever. Distance and another guy got in the way.)

I've been going through heartbreak and though it sucks, I'm glad to experience it because it'll make me a better boyfriend for the next go-around. It has made me stronger and more mature in the long run. Though I loved her and wanted her, I'd rather experience the heartbreak. Id also rather be able to learn from my mistakes so when a great girl comes along, I can give her my all.

What would you choose?

  • I would want my first boyfriend/ girlfriend to be the one for me and not experience heartbreak
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  • I'd rather want to experience the heartbreak and then find the one for me
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  • Other (I'll explain)
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  • I'm indifferent. Show me the answers
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  • Voted A.

    But I wasn't heartbroken over my first relationship. I was indifferent to it. Then I met my now boyfriend and we're thinking about getting married in a few years so it's not like my love life has been very dramatic and disheartening lol


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