I want to travel by myself. what would be the best way to do that?

Hello Everyone
I would like to travel by myself and go see and experience things. I want to travel but my family can be over protetive of me. I want to do maybe a group tour, or something where I can, maybe meet other people and explore amazing places. What would you suggest I do?


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  • That's a good idea 😊 But everything is better with someone to share it with bring a friend maybe?


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  • Take a friend, boyfriend, or group on a cruise. You can meet new people on the ship and will hit multiple destinations with little effort. You can do anything from exciting planned excursions, rent a car for the afternoon, to just stepping off and walking around. And if you don't dig one of the places you stop, no worries you are not stuck there. Just get back on the ship. Great fun.

    • Yes but I don’t have friend who will go and most have kids. I have family but some of them won’t go with me either to the places I want to go. I am looking at group tour companies that will room you with others and will help you with a hotel and other things.

    • @Asker but cruises are perfect for kids. Take a Disney cruise and drop them off at the ship provided day care where they have fun all day. Then the adults are free to spend all day ashore with a break from the kids.

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