How likely is it he'll get in a crash?

I was at DQ with my two brothers, and my little brother accidentally knocked the top off one of my crutches (I was in a car crash a few weeks ago) so he went back to get it.
But he was really mad because we live 15min away from DQ. And I think he was also mad because I had a panic attack (at least I think I was having trouble breathing and started crying and shaking) well we were driving home and I kinda yelled at him for not driving carefully.

So when he drove off he was quite mad and I'm worried he'll get in a crash.

I really don't want him to get in a crash.
And it's all my fault.

I don't want to call him to come back because he's more likely to get in a crash.

I know I shouldn't have asked him to go get it but it's hard to use them without it.

And I'm just so worried.
I can't breath and I just don't know what to do.


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  • If he were to get in an accident it will happen anyway without having anything to do with you


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  • Did he return home safely?


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  • Lmao very unlikely m8


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