I need a creative holiday idea for my boyfriend, what would you guys appreciate?

He is romantic and thoughtful with his gifts to me. Generally I don't like stuff so my boyfriend takes me on "adventures". He took my to see the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, College sporting events, concerts, comedians, etc. I love his gifts and we usually have to make a weekend out of it because some of these events don't hapen in our city.

He ALWAYS says I don't need to do anything for him because having me is enough, but I want to return the thoughtfulness. I took him to his favorite MLB team opening game day but that was too expensive to do again right now.


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  • I always liked when my Lady would just dress up very classy for me. We weren't going any where she just did it for me. We went out eventually but for a while I just had a wonderful time sitting next to her talking and taking pics of the rare occasion.

    • He does 99% of the cooking. Is dressing up for a home cooked meal I prepare cheesy?

    • I don't think so. Any chance to see my woman dressed to the nines is always welcomed.

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