What side of the situation would you do when you been hurt?

If you been hurt like the situation is serious by a person rather it rape/assult/beaten anything that is a serious scar rather it mentally or phyically.

I feel that I would forgive the person of what they may of done not for them but for myself but I would never want to have them in my life ever again. My sisters on the other hand feel differnet they would forgive, forget and accept the person if they are really sorry and are proving to chance themselves. I feel like that great if they are trying to chance themselves but I feel it for new people who will enter their lifes to be there fo them and to accept their past doings not for the one they have harmed.

I feel odd and very differnet from my own sisters who bond better and connect so I sometimes feel bad for my way of thinking.

I had a situation that was bad and my family knows the person


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  • Forgiving would be hard but possible
    As I am one to hold onto a grudge long especially where getting justice is concerned.

    And like you said, after forgiveness, it won't be easy to trust again. It would always be in your memory and thats why they say "Forgive but dont forget" because who can really?

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