Is it true that he didn't like me at all?

I know this guy, who I remember, I had thought was my friend.

Within a few days of this 'friendship,' he and this other girl got super close. Both of them would ignore me.

It really hurt. I don't think I realized why it hurt so much at that time.

A long time later I ran into the guy and he was looking at me strangely from afar, (I was talking to this other guy). The world kind of stopped when he looked at me, (I was laughing).

I ignored him. I met him sometime a while later, and he was giving me that same stare, only this time I got mad and reacted back. He ran off.

In a few days he changed his profile picture to him and that girl. And he hasn't changed it for almost 2 years.

I will never know if he didn't like me at all, or if he just felt more close to her. Either way this story still pains me to date. I don't know why. I'm prettier than the girl. Definitely smarter.

But it stings.


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  • it is true