Why would she text that?

Cliffs -

> This chick was on me all night yesterday
> She's from another city but is just staying here for two months
> we made out and she gave me her number
> I texted her half hour ago
> Someone replied "Don't text me again, I have a husband. Sorry"

Lmao wtf. She didn't looked like she was married , She was like 20. She approached me first and I never asked for her number, she just gave it to me and asked me to text her? We invited her because she was friend of someone else we invited and hot too lol I am still confused on wtf was I dealing with here or should I text or call again to confirm? And it is her number, I confirmed that already.


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  • Lol OP. Dumb sloot cheated on her beta husband with you. You should feel honored. I'd shoot her a text back in a couple days. If she doesn't respond oh well. You should feel accomplished.

    • Sloot finna sloot, Texted me last night to only text her when she do first. Didn'treply. jpig nothnxjeff/10

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  • MAybe the effects of alcohol passed. U know, people seem more attractive when you're drunk..