If time travel is possible then didn't it happen already?

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  • time doesn't exist, only a perception of time based on the fact that things change around us. In order for time travel to be possible then the atoms & molecules that make up the 'time traveller' would need to be duplicated or re-arranged somehow. This also assumes that the past has in some way been recorded and can be recalled as an absolute truth.

    • So you think you're a smarty pants eh?

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    • Not entirely complete

      Time does exist, time exists because we have a ultimate speed limit of 186,000 miles per second. That is why time is real. The 4th dimension is time, which is intertwined with space. Time is relative but it does exist.

      Time travel is possible and theoretically happens every day. However future time travel NOT going in the past - which is considered not possible as all. It would create a paradox and things just wouldn't add up. Probably a new time line would be created. But future travel is real, proven and happens all the time

      If youd like, i can explain how

    • @TripleAce Please explain how (I agree with you)

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  • I suppose if it is ever possible than someone could have gone back. but we would never know

    • Look Rush Limbaugh and your friend from State Farm would have been killed at birth no?

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  • If time travel was possible I think the universe would explode.

    Right now our brains are only seeing time in a linear way, if it was possible to travel back through time then the linear nature would be destroyed... you have seen back to the future yeah?

    • I have but the Cubs lost. Oxox

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    • Duuuuuuuuuude...

    • Dudetttttttttttttttte...

  • Probably, I don't know, I wish it's possible...

    • For only you or some people? What would you do and when would you go back or forward?

    • I would go back to fix some mistakes from the past ;)

    • Well always know they are lessons and you are more wise because of those mistakes.

  • But it depends what year the person choose to travel to

    • The year you were conceived.

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