Do you think the Republican presidential candidates should be able to make demands of the press and those that moderate future debates?

Most people can agree that the last CNBC Republican debate was at the very least flawed with moderators unsure of their own questions/facts, some nonsensical questions, not enough time given to each candidates, and the moderators losing control at points of the debate itself. As a result, the candidates have taken to the public, the RNC, and the press to demand that future debates be structured in a specific way that allows more time to each candidate, opening and closing remarks for each candidate, and more substantive questions that would promote less "gotcha" questions and avoid candidates purposefully having to fight one another in their answers, but speak more to their own agenda and platforms. While the campaigns agreed to the changes in principle Sunday night, the media companies that host the debates are under no obligation to adopt them. Candidates such as Trump have even threatened to not show up to future debates if they don't get their way especially for him in regards to NBC's relationship with Telemundo whom he's had issues with or created issues with depending on how you see it, in the past. Is this going too far or just right in terms of how the debates/press should function in the future?

  • I think the candidates are right. It is time for a complete change and overhaul of the media and the debate formats which have largely been flawed and have tried to be more sensational than substantive
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  • I think demanding changes be made is not the place of the candidates who are up for office; they should be able to handle whatever is thrown at them good or bad b/c in reality they'll have no control of these as president anyway
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  • It wasn't just the Republican candidates who had a problem with the behavior of the CNBC moderates - most of the main stream press did also. Just Google and you'll tons of articles that criticize how those guys behaved.

    • That is the very reason I started with..."most people will agree that the debates are flawed, but what's currently happening is the candidates themselves are putting it to these entities that they want changes to be made before they will agree to or participate in the next set of debates.

    • Honestly - most of the MSM is in the tank for the Dems... I watched that last debate and I still didn't see a question from the mods on how those candidates were going to pay for all that free stuff they were giving away on that stage.

      So... okay that's fine... whatever.

      But I think the Republicans should go out and do the same thing - get guys who are in the tank for them also.

      That means... softball debates all the way around but who really decides their vote on the debates? I never have. They really aren't that important.

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  • I still haven't decided on which party I side with

  • I have always thought it would be fun for a politician to sit down to be interviewed by a member of the press and to be able to ask them one question for every question they are asked.

    The press tries to present itself to the public as a neutral window through which they can get a true picture of people and events but they are more like a funhouse mirror.


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