Girls, Do you think this could be considered normal?

This has nothing to do with relationship or friends issue, but you as a woman and being responsible for your actions.

Will you had forgetten your clothes (blouse, pants, panties and bra) at your office bathroom because you had to change for an activity after work hours and since you change at work, you forgot you left your old clothes behind. I mean it was not just a blouse you left it was everything, panties, bra, blouse and pants.

I forgot to mention the lady in question is a coworker and she changed clothes on Friday night beaue she had something else after work and she changed at work, leaeving all her clothes on the bathroom, but until today she remember she left her clothes on the bathroom. Also the bathroom Im talking about is not the office bathroom, she left the clothes on a shared (by 2 companies in the same floor) public floor bathroom and one of a employee of the other company noticed, someone left clothes.


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  • It happens sometimes so get in the habit of taking 5 mins to check everything.

    • I mean all clothes? including bra and panties?

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    • It is no tmy case it happened to a coworker, I just updated the situation.

    • Oh okay.

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