Why would an ex still wants to communicate?

My ex and I were in an online long distance relationship for almost 10 months until he decided to break it off 2 1/2 months ago when we had an argument. We have this joint email account, he said before, when we were still together that if ever we break up, I could delete every contact we have except for that email. He said 'what if after some time, we'll get back together? At least we still have communication with that email'. Then 2 weeks ago, we got to talk again. He said he's dating someone and that he love her. I asked if he deleted the email, he said that he deleted it on all his devices. I asked him why he didn't completely deactivate it instead, he said he doesn't know. Then couple of days ago, thinking that he really deleted it, i sent an email to that joint email account of ours. I made it like my own diary, telling what happened to me and how i feel. Then to my surprise, he replied using our email and said I deserve to relax and enjoy my vacation and 'keep me updated on how you're doing 😆'. Why would he want to know how i am? And why do you think he still keeps the email when he has already moved on and he even said he deleted it? I don't understand.


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  • he wants some things from you

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