Shouldn't everything that happens after you get drunk/high be your own fault?

So many people try to blame getting drunk/high on their problems or mistakes. People also like to say others took advantage of them while they were under the influence. But if you're the one who chose to get drunk/high then you should take responsibility for your lack of judgement under the influence.
I've never gotten drunk or done drugs because I always see the dumbest people doing it. But what about you: do you think some things can be blamed on the drugs or is it always the users fault?

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  • It's usually the user's fault, but not all the time
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  • I don't take responsibility for my actions and think it's drugs fault
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  • Well it's complicated. Getting yourself into a state where you can't make sensible decisions is really irresponsible. But there are wider factors that lead people to do that; maybe they have an addiction, which tends to be a result of deeper issues like mental health difficulties, poverty, etc. If someone takes advantage of someone else who's clearly not in a state to make rational choices, then that's on the person taking advantage. Exploiting someone who's in a weak state is wrong regardless of the reason why their judgement is compromised.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I chose "usually", because there are times to which someone inherently takes a dosage of a mind altering substance to a degree of effect without their knowing. This can be either someone giving them a shot that includes a much higher alcohol content level than what was expected, or someone putting something in your drink to which alters your mind (rufee).

    That being said, and with the situation mentioned above being unlikely. The remaining 99% of those who get drunk, or take drugs to alter their minds are at fault. If you cheat, steal, kill, and/or do something that is morally wrong while you are drunk. Then it is still your fault. You chose to impair your mind by weakening it with a substance that you knowingly will have a negative side affect.

    Those who excuse their actions, because they made a mistake by taking a drug/drinking alcohol. Are not truly sorry if they blame it on the alcohol, or the drug to which they took. They themselves put themselves into that specific scenario to a degree that you cannot blame someone else.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Its your god damn fault! You decide to over drink and do drugs ! it your choices.

  • It depends.
    Gets wasted and gets alcohol poisoning- your fault.
    Drunk and drives and gets a DUI- your fault

    Gets drunk and is raped or murdered or kidnapped or anything like that. Not your fault

    • All are your fault. If you don't want that stuff to happen; don't get drunk. Simple concept.

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    • If they're unrelated then why did you bring them up?

    • Bc you said ANYTHING that happens to you after you get drunk, not accidents related to alcohol

What Guys Said 3

  • Imagine someone gets stupid drunk. The guy can't even stand up straight or walk.
    Would it be Ok for you to steal them or beat them, just because they were drunk?
    Do you think you shouldn't take responsability for those actions?

    (I sense you were talking about rape, but just wanted to give an insight, on how I think that that is wrong)

    • It was their fault for getting robbed as well. If you don't want bad things to happen to you when you're drunk, then don't get drunk.

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    • So if a person covers themselves in steak sauce and then jumps into a bear cave are the bears at fault for eating them? It's called entrapment. The person who was dumb enough to get drunk is the only one in the wrong.
      People need to learn not to get drunk.

    • I voted the middle answer. And this is comming from a person who doesn't drink at all. But I think you are exagerating on this one. Humans have more judgement than bears.
      I'm not arguing anymore, that was just my opinion.

  • Mixed opinions here.
    Getting drunk and driving/breakingsomething/getting in a fight etc etc: Completely your fault.
    Getting drunk and consenting to sex you wouldn't usually: Completely your fault.
    Getting drunk and someone having sex with you while you are incapacitated by your drunkenness: Their fault.

  • Believe me... the judge will always tell you that it's your fault.

    • You mean always a man's fault?