Why are these guys acting like this on me?

Why only the guys that I hook up with that are on my facebook won't comment or Like a picture or anything I post?


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  • Get off drama book. You are just caught up in some mess from the relationship you have with guys on Facebook.

    • I don't have any relationship on facebook. I just don't understand why the guys I hook up with don't like or comment anything on my facebook. It's frustrating

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    • It kind of makes sense!! Thank you for your help!

    • No problem and take care!

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  • maybe they dont want people to get the wrong ideas or anything. like they dont want to make people think you are together or something.

    • Wouldn't it be better to unfriend me if that's the case?

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    • thats kinda weird then... hmm... I don't know. maybe they keep you there so they know how to contact you later.

    • Thank you for your time and help!!