So gag girls did you enjoy our date?

You: So where are we going?
Me: Mah place for dinner little lady.

"We get to my place"

Me: The stouffer's pot pies are done (I mashed 2 of them up and placed it in a bowl for her)
So gag girls did you enjoy our date?
1. You: (Insert how you gag girls are feeling)
Me: Hmmm good right? Guess what? I have some Pizza bread ready. So good, you'll love it.

2. You: (Insert how you Gag girls feel)
Me: Need another can of Pepsi? I got you "Gives you a cold pepsi"

Me: "Starts talking about random stuff"
Me: Ok I got the movie ready: "Shows off his OLED HDTV"
Me: "Puts in his season 1 blueray of Nikita" Awww YEAH! You gonna love this show.

3. You (Insert how you feel)

After the watching the bluray it was time to go...

Me: Well see yeah later. You can walk back to your place alone right? I'm kind of tired.
4. You: (Insert how you feel)
Me: How old... throws you a cold Pepsi. "Aeon smiles at you" SEE U LATER SEXY!
5. You: (Insert how you feel)

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  • FUCKING 10. Perfect date.
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  • Ummm ahhh, I'm underage... Aeon you pedobear!
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  • But why did you mash up 2 pot pies?


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  • what the actual fuck just happened

  • I was hoping we would makeout 😂 . Anyways the food turned me on and i really thought it was fun. perfect date.


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