World war 3 going to happen?

So im hearing a lot of putins demands of wanting to kill the dollar value by 2016 killing millions and wanting US to expose aliens. Anyone worried about this


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  • I am scared now.


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  • World war numbers are misleading. There were more than 2 World Wars.
    *-World War 1 ended 1918.

    *-World War 2 started right away , in 1919, when Allied troops invaded the USSR: (Here you'll discover a lot you didn't know)

    *-World War 3 started when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland, in 1938-39
    *-World War 4 started right away after Germany and Japan capitulated but was a continuation of WW2 which started in 1919. We named it the Cold War. It isn't over yet.
    *- Right now since the seventies we're fighting WW5, a double war: US against the Mid East (militarily) and the US against the E. U. (economically)

    *- Waiting for WW6 now, against the 'emerging economies' in Asia and South America.

    • George Orwell understood it in 1948, when he wrote his book '1984', describing the shifting alliances:
      Hitler has been our ally against the USSR and the USSR has been our ally against Hitler.

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  • World War 5 is going to come first..

  • Whatever happens we have no control over this. Te best thing for us to do is come together and unite to be stronger when fighting the head of the beast.

    • "We have no control over this."
      "The head of the beast... indeed".

      President Eisenhower named the beast in his 1961 farewell address and it's not the expected one:

    • Thank you for the video. If you have any ideal on how to prepare for this disaster let me know.
      I know they are putting chips in all debits card now so the next step is to get rid of paper money.
      Then, the right to carry a gun starting 3rd world country leaving the American people defensiveless.

  • Ah the internet WW3 paranoia. No WW3 ain't gonna happen soon.

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