What would you think of someone who did this?

We all were supposed to go on a class trip.

I didn't go.

Someone (on facebook) asked me how it was, and I replied back, 'Great.'

It is one of the few posts on my wall. I wonder if my classmates now think I'm a gigantic liar. That field trip was a huge deal.


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  • Why didn't you just say you didn't go?
    The other person asked you because they didn't go either. That means you weren't alone.

    • No the other person had gone but they had gone at another day and knew I would have to go too.

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    • I deleted that post one year later.

      So everyone saw it. Is it really a big deal that i lied though? I was just trying to protect myself

    • OHHHHH. Forget about that. That's one year ago now. People probably forgot about it by now. & if they remember, it's pointless.