What does my dream mean?

In my dream i was sent another dimension by accident and it was just like this world except not much had been invented (no phones, planes, bikes). It was a desert with trees and a big house and people were everywhere hanging with their family outside. After a while i realised that i had gotten there with my mom, i started to ask her questions about what the hell happened, she was just as clueless as me. After a while of being there i hanged out with the king of that place and told him how to build a plane since he wanted to fly and i also told him about phones and stuff. Later on someone came to my rescue and told me to draw a star on the desert ground then close my eyes which is what i did. I went back to my dimension but the thing is that it was 5 YEARS LATER. I WAS SOOO CONFUSED AND FOUND OUT BECAUSE EVERY CALENDAR SAID 2020 when i wanted to check up on the date. Then i realised that omg im 19 now ( in real time im 14) and my mom realised she was 43, my mom said oOOOOh GOOOOOOD when she found out. Then i slowly started to realise what i had missed, ABANDONED MY BFF FOR 5 years, I NEVER FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL, MY KPOP BANDS GOT OLD AND I MISSED OUT ON ALL THEIR ALBULMS, MY TWITTER GOT DEATIVATED, MY DAD THOUGHT WE DIED, 90% OF ALL MY FRIENDS WERE PREGNANT AS HELL WHEN I SAW THEIR PICS ONLINE. So later on i wanted to know if kik was still working , so i went on my phone and saw millions of text from my bff and omg i started crying so hard. I texted her back and told her i was sorry and that i was kidnapped for 5 years ( because i knew she wouldn't believe me about what really happened). She texted back and said "are you ok" and i then told her how much i missed her, i asked about the rest of our friends she then said E got pregnant and showed me photos of my of all our friends, i was like ಠ_ಠ. I asked her about school and she said she graduated and is pretty much just working. I then woke up and started crying from all the trauma.

Does this have to do with the fact that im moving schools because i moved far from where my bff lives in real life? Or something else?

I even woke up checking to see if the dream was real


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  • Ok sooooo people here don't read these long stuffs but I'm impressed cause all that sounds like a sci-fi type movie 😶
    I don't know what does this means but someone who can study dreams might help 👌💐

    • The dream was horreeeebleee

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    • What did u dream about?

    • Many stuff and my last one upsets me a lot 😶 but can't tell you here !

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