I can't be the only one seeing all these "Recommended Articles" about wanting to date Asian women?

Weird question but I just need to know. Im newish here and these ads all over the place! Especially on G@G, promising to set you up with beautiful Asain women. If you see them excessively too can you tell me what you think of them?

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  • There's a big market in western country's to sell the old, fat white men Asian women.
    It works too, cause you do often see the big old fat white guy walking around in the city holding hands with the young, small Asian chick.

    Personally I don't get the appeal of Asian chicks. Don't know what I'm going to do when I'm old and fat.


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  • Nope I've never seen that kind of article both in this site or any other sites. But what i do see are articles about Asians being gold diggers, which is kind of true but not all Asians are like that. At least in my country.


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  • I think the creators of GaG think every user is a white guy