What would you think of someone that seems to never get angry?

That apparently nevers shows anger ever and even when someone is rude... that person doesn't get upset. In addition, this individual is always seems just too sweet (also kind of quiet) to the point it's too good to be true.

Or are those likely to snap one of these days on an unexpected moment?

In cartoon it would be someone like Lila from Hey Arnold series. That girl never is seemed getting angry and is always sweet in her replies.


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  • Lol it's like me to a T. I've not exploded yet though XD.


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  • I'm someone like you just described. I just don't like getting angry, or at least visibly show it. I just let it go in one ear and out the other or I vent about it later.

    • Thank you for sharing it. Yeah, you can vent about it in your spare time.

    • I have a friend who is similar to me so we pretty much determined when something happens that piss us off we vent to one another about it. I also vent to my boyfriend and my family. It helps get everything out of your system.

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  • I think they are the type to explode one day out of the blue because of something not that big of a deal.
    I think only Buddah could have genuinely been indifferent to people's agressions lol

  • Sounds like someone who can keep their cool under fire.

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