How much can you see on someone else's Apple ID?

So ages ago my mum set up a Apple ID for my iPhone. She just got a new iPhone 6S+ and used the same Apple ID as mine. She's starting to get my messages, photos & contacts. Which isn't good bcoz I've got some pretty private pictures on there (nudes)
anyway what else can she see, maybe internet history, Facebook messages, snapchats, notes; which is my diarie
so what can she see?


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  • Don't do it!!! They get everything!! I did that with my dad (he got my old iPhone 6 when I got the iPhone 7). When my guy video called me at 3am, it went through to both my dad's phone and mine!! Even my texts went to both which were not for parents' eyes (luckily I deleted them before he saw)! Give your mum her own Apple ID but set up family sharing from your Apple ID to allow her to download the same apps should she choose. By doing it that way, you get to restrict what she gets of yours

  • Pretty much everything you don't want her to see. Shouldn't have shares that information


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