How does this schedule sound for college classes?

i tried getting my moms opinion but she gave me a lecture about how its my choice and i should not let her stop me but this is my scond semester schedule and i am still trying to get into the groove of things but i am getting better at it and once i am able to time manage for my classes i will get a job but does this sound like a good schedule?
Sunday: off day
Monday: off day
Tuesday: Math 4:00-5:15 and Spanish 5:30-6:45
Wednesday: History 4:00-6:45 and Sociology 7:00-9:45
Thursday: Math 4:00-5:00 and 5:30-6:45
Friday: off day
Saturday: off day

i forgot to add i have Spanish Thursday from 5:30 to 6:45


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  • ... you're in school part-time, I take it?

    • if it's just part-time, it's fine I guess. If full-time... where the hell are your other classes?

    • i tried doing full time and i could not do it because my mental health went off the deep end. In the semester i am currently in, i benefited greatly by only doing part time classes. i will do part time and slowly work my way up to full time.

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  • It sound cool! Your taking Sociology? hahha would you mind tutoring?

    • well it was sociology or political science and i have to take either for my social science credit. I chose sociology because its on the same day as my history class that way i can condense all my classes to as little days as possible instead of spread out and having to constantly drive back and forth and i already have my history teacher and i really like him he is an awesome teacher

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    • Should I drop then? Yes I will! Beside I don't want to study my hardest for an D!

    • Great move! I hope you are able to make up for this!

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  • Wednesday is a little heavy but that's fine. You might want to bring some snacks to grub on between your history and sociology class since that's a lot of time in class.

  • You're going to get tired of that sociology class real fast

  • What are you gonna major in?

  • Yes, that's a good way to knock out your general education needs first. I wish I would have instead of mixing the gen ed. classes & major relevant classes together


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