Dad keeps complaining about me going out help?

So i just moved back home with my dad from my horrible ex boyfriends. I am unemployed but everyday i feel out applications and i have interviews everyday this week. My dad has basically complained everyday about me going out to find a job. But he gets mad when i go out at night, he days i need to focus on a job? I go out all day job hunting am i not allowed to have fun?


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  • If going out at night is causing you to not be up by 7am the next day I'd be complaining too.

    • It doesn't

    • @Asker well I'd just say you're stuck putting up with it until you get another job lined up unfortunately. It's at least good motivation. :(

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  • Move out. If you're 18 and you're still living with your parents, you're a loser. Go to college. Or perhaps start a business.

    • I did move out.. i just moved back in. I was living with my ex he cheated on me just to kick me out. b

    • I was living with an asshole so moving out is the last thing i need right now

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