Does anybody know how to put a picture in your opinion comments? You know like in mobile? I'm like new here on GAG. Answers please?


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  • If your trying to upload a picture from your phone you need to use tinypic. com or imgur. com and upload to that server and use the link provided to paste into the opinions.

    If you are wanting to use a picture from the Internet use the link, copy and paste it in the opinion

    That's pretty much all


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  • - Go to imgur. com.
    - Click "Upload photo."
    - Choose the photo you would like to share.
    - Load it.
    - When it's finished uploading, choose the "Direct Image Link" version given to you.
    - Post that link in your opinion or on opinion comments.

  • if you wanna upload a pic in your question, just click the image button. if you wanna put a pic in ur comment, just copy and paste the link of ur image :D