I'm going to describe a girl. What or who do you invision?

I will describe a girl. Tell me what you picture her to look like when you invision her in your head. Better yet, paste a picture.

okay here it goes...

Her name is Makayla.
she is very closed off at first, scared of people. Once you get to know her she is loads of fun. What a goofball she is. A little weird at times even. Very sympathetic and understanding. Does not like to talk about how she feels. Needs alone time. Loves animals and the cold weather. Hiking, jogging, camping, and playing softball. She likes to stay healthy and always wants to move. She is one to go out and splay in the puddles when it rains. Rock music, long car rides at night with her german shepard. Will always remember even the small wrongs you make. But won't mention them. Experimenting is key. Horrible at explaining her thoughts, very persistant. All or nothing with her. Making other people comfortable and smiling is most important to her. Lacks self modivation. Can lead herself into depression at times. Socially anxious. But you wouldn't know this unless you were close with her.

So thoughts? Oh and what did you invision?
(Before you ask, yes i completely made this girl up.)


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  • She sounds like a nice girl