Weed cooking question, will realy week weed work if I cook it?

Hello, I'm cooking weed tonight!

Ha ha, it's my boyfriends 30th tomorrow, and I wanted to make him a little surprise. We have never eated weed before but we pretty much smoke it all day like cigeretts so I'm exited by the idea.

I don't ever buy the weed, he dose. I have never bought it, I just let my boyfriend take care of all of that! So I am getting my weed from his little box where he keeps all his really poor weed.

He has some that he won't mind me useing because we tried smokeing it once and got nothing from it. We might as well have been smokeing just paper! We tried smokeing it in a bong too but no luck, its very old and dry now.

I know he wouldn't want me to use his fresh and potent weed (though a may throw in a little bit), but I just have this really really poor stuff for now.

I have an awesome cannabutter recipie that is good for getting all the THC out but...

Will it still work, will we still be able to get high?

If not then at least we have my awesome peanutbutter cookies to eat!


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  • its fine you would have to use a lot of it. id say if you take an ounce of shitty weed and maybe a pound and a half of butter. you got to look up how to do this because you're going to need some cheese cloth and actual butter not margarine because margarine doesn't solidify. I've used a mix of butter and margarine in the past but butter is far better.

    • Yeah, thank you for your advice!
      I have a propper methodical way of doing it, I have some really good butter for doing it with. I know to add water to it, this way it dosent burn the THC or the butter, then put it in the fridge to cool down, the butter turns solid on top of the water wich stays liquid and the weed falls into the water so you dont have to strain it. But thank you!

    • yeah that's called an organic extraction In chemistry but I don't like the leaves sticking to the bottom of the weed. I've done it this way too before.

    • Thank you for the heads up! I will put it through a tea strainer first, I think that will help

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  • Should be fine. I don't think it will affect the THC levels much

    • Thank you!!! I am even sure if there is a THC level with this weed ha ha, but if I use twice as much as the recipie sujests do you think we will get at least a little high from it?

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    • Thank you very much! You are a great help x

    • No problem :)

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  • You are under 18 and you are smoking weed with your 30 year old boyfriend?

    • Ha ha ha, well... lets just say I may have lied about my age for reasons that are hard to explain. I'm actualy 23.

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