Don't you get tired of those ''I'm I ugly'' question and the person is always good looking?

And when you look at their pictures they're either very good looking at at least cute. They don't even have acne problem.

Yet, I have never come across here someone that really suffers acne or is having troubles with their weight posting their actual picture and really asking how they can improve it; someone that truly would benefit from advice on personal improvement.

I saw one of those questions but when the asker good looking and apparently nothing wrong with them, I didn't bother replying. It would be good if for once, it was something that actually needs help.


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  • I do but I'm not posting my pic here. I really see nothing in myself any girl would be attracted to.


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  • That's true.

    The people who really have bad insecurity problems and issues are often too afraid to speak up about it.


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  • Most of the time regrettably.

  • I can agree with that when it comes to girls. But the guys who post and ask questions I usually don't find attractive bc of a hairstyle or facial hair that's not good, etc. so they really could use some advice

    • True and I would have no problems telling them in what they need to improve. It's those individuals putting great pictures (girls mainly) that's a waste of time.

    • Yes 🙌🏻 agreed