Am I being too supersticious? Is the universe trying to tell me something?

I met this girl a coulpe of months ago i had seen her walking and made the biggest effort to catch up and talk to her. I've never done that for anyone before. After talking it turned out i really liked her and had a lot in common with her, unfortunately she didn't like me. then for 3 months i stopped talking to her because of personal reasons. But then later i started having dreams about her, seeing her name in unexpted places. I finally gave in a texted her because i had realized what i had lost and really missed her. she showed up the same day i texted her. Whats your take on this?

Dont get me wrong, i like her but i do consider her to be a good friend as well. She also tries to weed out the fake people around her. She also has trust issues


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  • She showed up where? She hadn't seen your text?

    • She showed up in my dreams. i had 1 particular dream about meeting her and her friend and about a week later it actually happened. Her name was more noticable in places but i wrote it off till i read a definition from urbandictionary while looking up the definition for my name. It bothered me in a weird way and thats when i decided to go ahead and text her.

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  • The universe is a chaotic place that doesn't give a fuck about what you do.
    Here's a quote by bill nye when talking about people who believe that the universe sends people signals
    "That makes no fucking sense! This is bullshit!"


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  • If she doesn't like you back, it's not going to happen. The universe takes no ones side in matters like these or any matters at all.


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