Help! What's LA like?

I've just been offered an amazing job in LA but I live in a total different country so I'm nervous. I was told If I decide to take the job accomodation would be sorted for me but I was wondering generally what is LA like? Being quite young I've never been anywhere overseas so I'd like to get a feel of what it's like over there. Anyone who has visited or anyone who lives there what's the atmosphere like? Any tips at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you :)


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  • it's summer all year long... rained for the first time in months yesterday.

    people are not friendly here. (relatively speaking to every other city in the US) the city is built on one big pretense. with it comes the countless posers, frauds, and wannabes (actors/models).

    majority of LA is hispanic (mainly mexican)... and a 3rd of those, don't speak English.

    public transportation is lacking, although it's getting better. traffic is rather congested most of the time during business hours, forget during rush hour. i'd account for this due to the unfriendly, pretentious nature people embody here... leads to people wantin' to drive to work/school alone.

    it's a great place if you have $$, it's shit if you don't. most areas are sketchy.

    i'm an LA native, so i could go on forever.

    • Doesn't sound very positive :) but thanks

    • MOST people come here for the weather.. and it's that constant 60-80deg days w/ no rain that keeps people from leaving.

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