Girlfriend doesn't have a problem with telling me how "Really Handsome" a guy is. Why do girls think thats ok?

Ok so i'm not perfect, I have acne and I don't always look the best. I wouldn't say I look like a celebrity or anything but I'm thought of as really attractive by a lot of people. I am really naturally humble about it. I don't view myself as anything exceptional.

The other night for the Halloween party. Me and my girl went out separate (for an undisclosed reason). We hung out with different people. She was with a guy and his friends and, he has a model look. She was telling me about how handsome this guy was...

I was uncomfortable about it... she then said... she isn't attracted to him and justified it by saying that
"you know it's like a celebrity, they're so attractive that you know you don't have a chance, he looks like a celebrity".

She seen me and found out I was with a friend there in the same bar, she seen me with a girl and she keeps telling me "WOW, she is SO attractive, if I was bi I would definitely be attracted to her, she's so pretty!, my friend was there and said it looked like she was flirting with you"

I wasn't into her but I don't view other girls as pretty in that way because i'm taken. However my girlfriend thinks because she's really pretty and attracted to me that i did wrong.


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  • It's not cool for her to do that about a real person... I mean a movie actor maybe because there is no chance there it's more of a joke when I said something about a male actor to my ex but I would never say that about a person at a party that is really mean


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  • I'm sorry to say this and I know I'm gonna sound a bit macho-ish here but this just sounds so much like typical female mind games. It's something that practically all women do. Also this whole bullshit thing of pretending to be super understanding and empathetic "oh, she's really pretty, I would definitely sleep with her" rather than just admitting that she's jealous is VERY girlish. I really prefer guys in this. At least us guys are up front about our jealousy ("What's up with this guy you hung out the other night? It made me kinda uncomfortable"). Women are like spiders in this... they try to cover you in honey smooth-talk, only to stab you in the back 5 minutes later (they also do this among themselves). And if they're on their period, they're even more like this. Even my girlfriend (who is one of the sweetest and most open-minded people in the world) sometimes has this bitch moments. I'm rather tired of them and after several years of relationship experience (also with other girls), I've learned that there is not much you can do or say in these situations. Usually, you end up being the idiot and making your girlfriend pissed at you in either way, whether you say "oh yeah, I would love to fuck her" or whether you give her a half-hour sermon of why you're not attracted to that other girl.
    The best thing to do in these situations usually is to avoid them or move out of them as soon as possible. When my girlfriend has such a moment, I usually get kind of distant on purpose. When she asks me why I've suddenly changed, I simply say "because it pisses me off when you give me these subtle bullshit accusations". I usually pretend to be more pissed than I actually am because I know that my girlfriend gets a little scared if I get very angry (she comes from a conservative country where the guy is still kind of the head of the relationship). Another way to deal with it is to ignore it and simply try to change the topic. And finally, one of my favorite ways of dealing with this particular situation is to say something that completely baffles my girlfriend because she doesn't expect it. For example I would respond "You find her pretty? Uhm... okay... you have a very strange view of what pretty is". This will confuse her so much that she will start asking you what you mean and why you don't find that girl pretty etc. and she will thus completely forget that she actually was on a crusade to accuse you of potential future infidelity.

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