Kitchen-ware question on pans and skillets help?

Hello. I have a year-old metal frying pan which was non-stick but started getting sticky.. im no kitchen pro, so recently i thought that cleaning the stuck food faster would be through the use of a steel wool cleaning pad (?) but now the sticking is even worse. Is there a way to "save" my pan?
I read stuff about seasoning and what not. no idea what this is. is it related?
When do I have to "season" my pans?

Also im thinking between buying a new pan.. would ceramic work better than metal?


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  • If it's scratched then that's no good. If it's scratched up then you're best off throwing it away and getting a new one. If not, Try putting vinegar in it and letting it sit for a few hours, maybe even put it on the stove with the heat. It can help kind of strip the sticky stuff from it. Or let it just soak with really hot water and a whole shitload of dish detergent like Palmolive.
    Yeah the ceramic ones are great. I have white ceramic ones and they're my favorite.


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  • Once the Teflon or whatever the nonstick coating is gets scratched it's fucked.