Do all young managers not get taken seriously by older staff?

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  • I'm considered a young manager at my company (age 26), and it's a yes and no situation. I first experienced other coworkers not taking me serious at first, but then I took over my department swiftly, and fired two employee's who were very much holding back my department and not doing their jobs.

    Being a young manager isn't easy, and it's an uphill battle. You can't be "the kid" anymore at the company, and go around asking for help. You have to prove yourself more so to others. In order to gain their respect. It isn't fair, but it's just the way it works.

    Once you've shown that you can do the job, and can do it well. Then your other coworkers start slowly falling into line one by one, and you get to the point where I am now. Which is being on equal terms with all other managers regardless of age, and to not walk into a meeting room expecting to be coddled.

    The biggest advice I can give to young managers. Is that you cannot allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone at your company. Don't let anyone walk all over you, and tell you what to do. Of course; you might have to report to upper management, but on terms of having parallel managers, and employees. You can't allow them to dictate what you do with your team, and/or department. Stand up for yourself, and show them that you mean business.

    • So basically yes at first until you prove yourself.

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    • I think people are becoming managers younger these days and older people who worked hard for years for it might think that these new young managers are incompetent?

    • That's the way I've seen to be. Older employee's see the younger generation as kids, and don't want to be working for someone much younger than them. It's more or less an entitlement, and judgmental type of thing than anything else. With more younger managers coming to be. It'll be something to which I doubt will change anytime soon as per the way the older generations see the younger.

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  • Sometimes, no. Most of the time its not the fact that they are young management its that they are NEW management. People are always wary of n00bs, you just jave to stick it out and prove yourself. They will most likely accaept you.

  • They tend to be authoritative cocksuckers because power corrupts and they're too young to handle it, this means the team hates them and older people can only see this as a mistake made by kids. So generally speaking they are taken less seriously because generally they make the same mistake.

  • It depends on your industry. In the tech world the young might even get more respect.

  • Depends on how old you are and how old they are.

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