Do you like piercings and/or tattoos on the opposite gender?

I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings on here because this is just my personal preference. I cannot stand piercings on a girls nose/face, tongue, etc. Belly button piercings are okay.. If they're still in style lol. I would never date a girl with those kinds of piercings.

For tattoos, I guess they're okay. If it's just a small non-visible one where it's hidden under clothes, I wouldn't mind, but I'd rather her not have one. For sleeves and visible tattoos, I just don't find them attractive... And the fact that they're there forever is just another reason why I steer clear of girls with tattoos..

What are your views on tattoos and piercings?

  • I'm a girl and I prefer tattoos and piercings
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  • I'm a girl and I prefer no tattoos and piercings
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  • I'm a girl and I prefer tattoos OR piercings (within reason)
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  • I'm a guy and prefer tattoos and piercings
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  • I'm a guy and I prefer no tattoos and piercings
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  • I'm a guy and I prefer tattoos OR piercings (within reason)
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  • I have my nose pierced only because my Mom also had hers. But I get what you mean.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I personally don't like piercings on guys unless they're normal. However my past two boyfriends had a small nose stud that I couldn't really see unless the light caught it lol. However for tattoos my ex had a lot and by a lot I mean covered, then I've also dated guys with none! SO It really doesn't matter all that much I just find piercings extremely unattractive on the face.

  • Ok, so I've got 3 little tattoos, but they all have a very strong meaning to me. My dad passed away a year and a half ago, so I got his birthday on my collar bone and something in his writing on my hand (which hurt like hell) and then I got the bible verse that has kept me strong through the years... If they have meaning, what do you think about that? Like I'm not tryna sound rude at all, but I always get told I'm gunna regret them.. And, I don't know, it just gets annoying after a while, because lots of people don't think about if they have a real, deep meaning to the person...

  • I honestly think piercings on guys earlobes can be cute. Some can rock it, some can't. Earlobe piercings for girls are ofc, normal and I love cartilage Piercings. I actually have 4 piercings on both earlobes.
    Facial piercings (for both male and female) are okay. I think if one pierces any part of their face, it should only be one minimal, well in order for me to think you're attractive.
    As for tattoos, I actually loveee tattoos. Arm Sleeves on guys are, in my opinion. the most attractive.
    I also agree with what dads an angel said, bc many people do actually put a lot of thought into their tattoos, and for people to just judge you and say "you're going to regret that" is a big pet peeve of mine! It's not YOUR life, it's MINE.


What Guys Said 1

  • I like it when girls have nose piercings and I don't mind tattoos as long as they're not on the face.