GAG is all a lie?

You read people's opinions on how guys/girls think, how they like to approach or want to be approached, how they act in certain situations... but then when it comes to real life, you rarely encounter people that act or think the way you've been told in GAG.

Do you believe that what people say in GAG tends to be the exact opposite in real life? People in real life don't think and act like people in GAG say?

If you agree with that, then why are you still here?

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  • I just think it's best for each of us here to use our brains and apply information gained on GAG whenever we deem it fit but not always.


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  • I think that the Internet allows people to be more vocal without extreme consequences so that is why we see a lot of hatered towards a certain subject. If opinions shared on the Internet were expressed in the public eye, the individual or individuals would receive a lot of hate. And since that person or persons shared it publicly they are recognizable and cannot so easily take back what they said.

    With that said, it depends on what kind of topics (that are discussed here on GaG or elsewhere on the Internet) come into play in real life. Some of its true and some of its just personal belief or experience.

  • People who speak out and find sites like gag probably have a certain mindset that the majority of people you meet irl don't have.

  • I try avoiding relationship/dating questions/takes, especially the advice giving/receiving because about more than half of them are nothing but idealistic boloney they'd like to try themselves but don't have the backbone to put them in action or have seen it/ heard it works with *others* and assume it works with all.

  • Disagree.
    As @COCOCHANEL said - you can't take everything everyone says at face value...

  • first of all, GAG is just few people who sure can't represent this rest of the world
    the reponses here is mostly based on how things should be (the perfect world) , and people can lie to themselves. like for example most girls are into jerk guys but whenever you ask a girl , she will say im into nice guys

  • Well on the internet you become more blunt.
    And you take time to think and answer smartly.
    In real life you re or too awkward/ socially preoccupied to just be yourself or you act and speak spontaneously without thinking of the consequences.

    • Perhaps, but at the same time they sugarcoat things a lot, which doesn't happen in real life. They tell you to approach girls/guys in a way because that's what it sounds good to say, but you know in real life that doesn't work.

    • Yes that s true. But I do that in real life too.
      I can t be mean to a person and tell him no you can t never approach a girl, no one would be interested in you...
      Plus there is always smthng wou can work on, for someone to improve and with the lack of knowledge I have on the person in gag all I can do is boost his confidence if he really needs it.
      I don t know if I answered tour question correcrly

    • Sry for the typo mistakes 👌

  • i take things here with a grain of salt
    largely because GaG is primarily composed of a small cross-section of the population (mainly college-aged, introverted, etc.) that isn't largely reflected elsewhere

    otherwise, if you take it seriously, this site is easily depressing

  • well... I think gag hold some truth but on other subjects it doesn't!

  • I am always realistic whether i am on the Internet or in real life. What's the point of coming here if you are going to lie or be stupid? just doesn't make sense to me.

    • Agreed, but not everyone thinks the same way. How many times have you read something on here and thought "wow, this is completely the opposite of what happens in real life"?

    • @Asker I may have read a lot of such posts, but i never thought about them in that way, but people on this site are very idealistic and i guess it just sinks in. But yeah, you are right.

What Guys Said 6

  • Lets take a look at Chrysler's Jeep survey:

    Long ago Jeep had focus groups and surveys that the did to try to improve "Jeep." On this survey, people wrote down what they wanted to see more out of jeep. A list that included:

    - better audio system.
    - nicer interior
    - doors with windows
    - more luxury.

    After conducting these surveys / focus groups... Jeep made the changes and guess what? Sales actually dropped... how could this be?
    - well Jeep found out later that people liked the raw, rugged and "open air" feeling of jeep... that's what is attractive about the brand.. it makes you feel like the cowboy and country feel.

    So what? Well.. people have ideas of about themselves, how things should be or what they "think" would work however... a lot of times people aren't as aware or honest with themselves with what they actually like / want.

    So even though lets say a guy says "i like a nice girl, smart, wear no make up and real boobs," i've seen that same guy spend all night buying the most plastic bimbo drinks and obsess over her texts.

    So grain of salt.

  • I try to base my asnwers to?'s from life experiences , I don't pull answers from my ars to amuse the crowd.

    • Different cultures have different ways of approaching situations. For example , here in the states flirting with the opposite sex is done (A) while in other parts of the world it may be done as (B) ; neither are wrong per say but more than likely aren't interchangeable

  • Ofcourse opinions are not reliable, they are just perceptions of people shouldn't be trusted...
    Also never ask a woman what she wants cause a woman herself doesn't know what she wants... that is why when she says she wants a nice guy, and goes for the alpha instead. Thankfully I learnt this lesson a long time back before joining GaG.
    Asking dating and relationship questions here is a futile exercise...

  • I don't think people are entirely honest on the Internet, they'll say things they probably don't necessarily agree with and they'll offer advice that they probably will never follow.

  • People lying on the internet, are you sure? lol You know how it is, don't believe everything you read.

    • I know, I just wanted to see how other people compare GAG to real life.

  • A lot of people here are posers, lol. Recently I've had fun playing the part of a misogynist, girls are so easy to rile up :)

    But anyway, most people are full of shit. It's why I stopped giving advice (they aren't going to take it anyway...). Little point in it.

    I think there's a good chance some people pretend to be the suave, amazing person they wish that they were in real life. Kind of sad -- but I also have a sadistic streak, and their pain amuses me, so I stick around GaG, lol

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